Sunday, January 23, 2005

Daily News Round Up (1/23/05)

Gay Protest Ban Lifted For Homophobic Demonstrators
by Newscenter Staff

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) A Philadelphia judge has lifted a ban on four evangelists from demonstrating at gay events.

The ban was a bail condition for the four, members of the group Repent America, who are facing 47 years in prison for allegedly inciting a riot at a gay event in Philadelphia last year.

Common Pleas Court Judge Pamela Dembe called the ban an unreasonable restraint on free speech.

Utah Gay Positive Bill Advances

by Newscenter Staff

(Salt Lake City Utah) Less than three months after Utah voters approved an amendment banning same-sex marriage the Legislature is considering a bill to give some rights to gay and lesbian couples.

The legislation was approved unanimously Friday in committee in the Senate. Even Republican Majority Leader Peter Knudson who moved for a vote said it is "a fine piece of legislation."

Under the proposed bill any two adults even siblings or a grandparent and child could register with the state Health Department.


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